The Arts Foundation has been host to numerous diverse events over
the last ten years. Behind each event, there has been enthusiasm,
hard work, and differing degrees of experience but all have been
enjoyable and have enhanced the use of the Studio Gallery to its of
the fact that the Studio Gallery (the old Foresters Hall) is a
unique space in a unique position overlooking the harbour and one
of the few spaces in the village capable of holding events or hosting
meetings, older members of the community remember dancing on
the stage or seeing Brenda as Peter Pan.
In our time we have had numerous music events, whether acoustic
music evenings with Corncrow, Mike Jelly songs for Working
People, gypsy jazz with the Manic Mineur Swing Trio or more
recently as the venue of our Sound and Vision sessions featuring
Kris Dollimore and the launch of his new CD "No Ghosts in this
House", quite a coup as he has appeared on "Later with
Jules Holland". We promise our next venue night will be equally as
exciting. Perhaps one of the more unusual requests was to act as
the changing room for the Orchestra of the Polperro Proms in the
Theatre has loomed large, making use of our inherited stage from
the Foresters Hall days, Educating Rita by the Pepperpot players,
Scavel An Gow With their dramatic poetry and story telling and
Open Mike Poetry nights for the Polperro Festival.
the "Totopoly Horses" no less! Fun Auctions and the launch of
various Art Exhibitions. We have also raised funds and awareness
for dolphins after a lecture and book signing by Dr. Horace Dobbs
founder of International Dolphin Watch.
Very close to our hearts have been the numerous workshops we
have organised and hosted, Art, Craft, Children’s, School, Life
Drawing, Batik, Dance, Circle Dancing, Banner and Flag, Music
Mixing (with a professional deck), children’s fairy wand making
(followed by a walk in the enchanted woods) and Didgeridoo!
Something for everyone and enjoyed by all participants.
We can’t have a mention of events and activities without mentioning
the various organisations that have at one time or another used the
Arts Foundation. The Polperro Festival Committee, The Village Plan
Appraisal Committee, The Royal Lifeboat Assoc. and Creative
Partnerships Cornwall. We are very proud to have been associated
with them all.
Polperro Arts Foundation, Quay Road, Polperro, Cornwall. PL13 2QU.